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I’ll be broadcasting LIVE from our booth at EAA Airventure. Be sure to stop on over and say hi and ask your questions in person.

News and notes

No other news would be bigger than we are Live right now inside the Bendix King Hangar #B at EAA Airventure in OshKosh with everyone out here. Love to have you guys swing on by. So many of you already here today. It’s a pleasure to meet you guys. Sold ton of books. Have our E-books out here and other book. Ton of really great stuff for you guys to come and check out. So feel free if you want to be on the radio program and chat from Oshkosh. Talking about training. Do swing by our booth over here in Hangar B. This by the way guys is Pilots Inner Circle on Flight Training Radio where members just by listening to this very radio program can earn FAA wings credit. You can find out more at to learn more and become a member today.

Sorry if the radio is a little bit rough on this one. Actually I had to do this one over for live right now from my phone. I had to call in to my own Radio Program if that makes sense. Just because the WIFI if you could imagine 4,000 pilots in any one location and tell them to share a WIFI connection. That’s a little bit exciting in that case. So I am calling into own Radio Show. And also I would take your question. I’ve got the Ipad over here. If you guys want to chat with me via Twitter or via Facebook. I wouild be more happy to take any question you have there or I am happy to take your question there and also feel free to swing by the booth and we get you guys on the radio program. Take your questions right here and chit chat with me on the booth. I already speak with a lot of great guys to spoke with. So really it’s really a great opportunity to meet some of you guys.

I want to share something it’s kind of happening here in EAA Oshkosh. Just arrived saturday and all set up sunday. And Monday is kinda slow day and calm day but I don’t think you have to take a break the booths packed. And I am very fortunate and very blessed by you guys. You come by and roll over in Hangar B. So feel free to stop by. Love to hear about you and your flight training. What the heck is going on? Well, excited about that sort of stuff. And so guys primarily up in the air, no-pun intended intended kind of show. Just message me in Facebook or Twitter. I am happy to take your questions.

Also this evening, right before I do my online ground school webinar. This evening I am doing a Live Google Hangout. I haven’t done Google Hangout before but I heard great things about them. So basically I am going back to the house where at. At Oshkosh in Airventure. And where hook up the webcam and microphone. We are going to have a Live Google Hangout. You have to hang out yourself and the Team. We are answering your questions and your flight training question and kinda chit chatting from there. So really cool stuff in those regards. Also if you come by to the booth. My lovely wife Ashley setting up all these speakers so you can hear. Exactly as I am saying live as we are walking by. Hopefully guys I wont get feed back or anything like that. We have the big Secret to Perfect Landings Banner out. The other banner was all other 8 books. I am gonna speak sometimes for you guys to check out there.

I did not fly into Oshkosh. A lot of you guys questioning “Did you guys fly to Oshkosh?” With us exhibiting. There’s too much stuff to bring up 12 Romeo. We bring the Team, everything else and ended it up in Airliners. To having flown into Sun N Fun. I can tell you it’s absolute that blast. One of those things sometimes you say “You know what? Been there, done that. Done it once and contempt with that.” People may say that.

By the way the weather here is absolutely beautiful. Nice and cool. Certainly for a good time. So anyways let’s talk some flight training stuff here. And one thing I am really dealing towards is to releasing more IFR content. I know a lot of you guys were in front desk. You know? Ton of great private pilots and instrument pilot checkride. I am really encourage all the checkride books. The checkride books are really a great seller here in the trade show in Sun N Fun Oshkosh AOPA Aviation Summit and that turns out really well. I really get into more releasing some IFR content. And you guys having ideas with that. We are gonna re shooting a lot of great videos. For the IFR online and ground school. And the thing is this, you know what? Flight training is changing. Technology is changing so much. The Ipad is such a great tool. By the way we have some great stylus pens. We are giving away two here. So come by the boothing and grab some those. They are hot. They heading off the door soon. So come by and grab those. Great for IFR pilots.

But you know the Ipad is a great tool. What am I doing as a IFR Pilot? To really work on that aspect of it. What am I doing to stay proficient as the instrument pilot? Yeah, you heard the same. You know your private pilot should get a license to learn. You’ve heard me more enough time so good pilots is always learning feel. But IFR wise, what can we do to continually stay proficient? That’s a question for you guys out there listening. What are you guys doing to stay proficient as an actual IFR Pilot? And feel free to share those thing and hit me on FB or Twitter.

You know what? I wanna bet a lot of you guys you. Now get on the flight simulator and trust me having here sitting in Oshkosh. I have a limited chance to walk around. There’s a ton of great simulators. AOPA’s new J-Bird. It’s a preferred simulator of mine. A very very neat. A chance to practice scenario you wouldn’t normally get to practice. Pretty cool stuff you know in regards to all of that. So we are working on all that sort of stuff.

Anyways working on a flight simulators. It’s a great means of practicing. Watching this videos really focusing on the aspect. You know in the near future reading approach flights, breaking approach flights. You guys don’t understand the importance of learning how properly reach the approach flight. That’s something I do have a video out there. I don’t know if they are releasing updated video in the near future for you guys to check out as well. But certainly breaking approach on How many times have you hold down approach flight went to shoot it and you realized “Wrong Airport, Wrong Runway, Wrong Approach for that particular airport.” You know I always love to get on breeze “This is the Ocala ILS 36 approach.” To kind share those sort of things. So learning how to shoot those approach plates properly are just super important stuff in regards to that. If you are a media or a blogger. I am going to share to you happening in the Online Ground School and the Aviation Scholarships that we are going to giving away. Again we are inside Hangar B in EAA Airventure. Come on by and say hi. Would love to get you guys on the radio program. Feel free to chime in and hit comment in our Facebook or Twitter. Anything you want to chat about. I am happy to those questions and happy to chat this evening through Google Hangout. Chat more about you and your flight training. Feel free to ask question. It’s all about reaching out to you guys and interacting with you guys.

James , a wonderful Online Ground School Member just chime in on twitter here. He say “I wish I was there to enjoy the event.” James I wish you were too. I mean California is not too far away. Oshkosh might be a good meeting place in between persons. So that might be good. Certainly pla n on, in the future years. That will be a great stuff. Let me open the facebook. I am really excited about the google Hang out tonight. I think it’s going to be very cool. Again all books are for sale here. We have Special Limited Edition at Jump Drive. Whatever you may call them. I am uploading the Ebook actually. For you guys there again nobody really wants to be carrying big funky book or anything crazy like that.

By the way, Michael, who’s a Online Ground School Member. Listening in. Michael I am doing wonderful my friend. I hope you are doing wonderful. And Michael a recent written test passed. What is it Michael? I think 97 or something.He was on fire. So super good on those regards and not bad for an online ground school member, not too shabby at all. Super proud of Michael in those regards. I hope you will be in the webinar tonight. Tonight’s webinar we are doing a mock checkride. So excited to have you guys on that. Also for those who haven’t passed written test. We have that FAA written test bootcamp and start this wednesday. Fly out here at Oshkosh. For private pilots this wednesday, thursday, friday and the following wednesday, thursday, friday. We are doing the instrument pilot written test prep bootcamp. So get ready for all that sort of stuff. Those can’t make it to Oshkosh. I’m uploading a ton of Photos. Ton of great videos would be shot and everything else. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. To catch up those videos and stuffs from the blog. Actually here right about an hour the Terafugia flying car is going to make it’s first flight to the public. Right here infront of us. I’m gonna send some emails there had some picture and some of that on video. Very cool stuff. I interviewed the guys at Sun N Fun. Probably 3 to 4 years ago. So really cool to actually see that thing come to that. Guys again fligh training questions. More than happy to take them and swing by the booth. Don’t forget all the exciting things we have going on this weekend. Still give thanks to you guys this instrument pilot. What sort of stuff to stay proficient as an instrument graded pilot?
Come here from Marvin. Hey Marvin!? Another reliable and wonderful online ground school member. Marvin says “I loving the kindle version of “PHAK” It weighs a lot less from the physical copy. You are exactly right about that Marvin. I have the copies of the PHAK and the airplane flying hand book. Here they are not small book for any reason. The advantage of the Ebook wether the PDF version. Everythings so searchable clickable the table of contents make a whole life lot easier. You know it’s a wonderful book. Very blessed to be working with the FAA into revised it and update it. Because it has those whole things like the Microwave landing systems and always think that just not being applied in general aviation pilots anymore. So it’s really excited to be able to revised that and update that and share that with you guys. You guys want to know how to Ipad in the cockpit. And today’s technology I was chat by a gentleman today. You know what? You may have that beautiful G1000. It does another 182 G1000. Beautiful airplane. However, you got to realized that you can’t use that technology as a crotch. You guys use that technology for what it is. A wonderful tool. Situation awareness tool. Well it’s not substitute for doing things the old fashion way. For having your max out. For working that sort of stuff because you will lose everything and I have a friend that had a double alternator . They ever done system to alternator failure. Had a double alternator failure and lost everything in the gulf of Mexico. I have shared with you guys before. Thankfully he knew. Hey listen if I continue flying in Florida eventually and end from navigate but I manage to it an IFR situation. It might as well an IFR situation. Gulf of Mexico, blue skies, blue water and no horizons. Might as well an IFR that sort of case. So you know what it’s no excuse that technology to use the crotch. You should all know how to flight by now in an old fashion way. Also having the flight plan on the Ipad. I totally understand that. Flight plan in the old fashion way and use the Ipad to double check and cross check. Which you just came up with. So just kind of food for thought. You guys should dig in to technology. You haven’t downloaded the book Digital Flying and it’s totally free. Just visit to learn more about that. Grab your copy and enter your email address. We understand we always send product updates.

Larry chime in here. He said “ Ill shoot an ILS approach just about every two weeks.” Which is great and listen you can actually get out and fly for your instrument proficiency. It is huge, you know, it’s not always the case everybody. I understand our situations are different. So Larry also followed up and say “Listen, we also read AOPA E pilots IFR section every week.” Listen you are not AOPA member. How they did this become one. They are E pilot. E flight training. This letters are just huge benefits. Saying if you are not in I am willing to bet you are listening to this. Go to and start flying. Go to and I’ll get you in the mailing list. Flown a great to do it. And get on that mailing list. I encourage you to do it. Because you know we are living in that mantra that a good pilot is always learning. That is a very easy way to actually hear that. So in regards to that Larry. I appreciate you for sharing that right now. Working on sort of stuff.

Refreshing all Facebook and Twitter pages. Congratulations Michael. 95 is a dream score to have. Michael I appreciates your busy schedule and chime in and listen. I hope we’ll chat you in the webinar.

We are back. Some ground school member swinging by. Some ground school member might remember. Paul just swing by and don’t want to be in the radio show though. That’s okay. Paul is now. Believe it or not is working on commercial pilot certificate and I want to go on CFI and stuff. So really great. Paul one of the original members back in a day. Really help me with a lot of stuff. So it’s good to put names and faces together. Meet all these people for the first time. So very cool stuff in those regards. Again guys taking your questions and comments. Via Twitter. Via Facebook.

Larry chime in. If you have a red bird flight simulator. Honestly you own once. That would be really sweet. But if you are a flight tool and your local FBO owns one. That is a great tool to use. You know in those cases. It’s real cheap. Real easy keys and so realistic in these great mean. More than just learning to fly. Really working on your proficiency only as a private pilot and as an instrument pilot and really be on. You know I look juvenile in these things. There is so many great stuff in those regards. Really really neat. If you rather call. Actually you can call in.

Warren chime in here. Warren says “Big fan of MzeroA from Mexico. Your sense are great. What is the best technique to land in dusty conditions?” Really great question. You know I have a video out there called Landing in Dusty Conditions. So much of that. Picture this. First off, coming in less clear. The airplane there is at least 4 degrees of it. Come to a ten. Come to a twenty. Experiment with this sort of stuff and see how your airplane responds to that. Coming on less flaps can allow you to coming a little more airspeed. You gonna remember you are the pilot in command. You cannot let that wind dictate where you travel to. You have to be the pilot in command. You have to be the boss of that airplane and really work from that aspect. So try flying with less flaps. Would you gonna cost you a little bit more airspeed and really work off from that. Understanding where that wind is coming from. Weren’t give up in the air and shoot it. Help people you know one of the secret to crosswind landings. Knowing what you are dealing in the first place. Know how much it cost your dealing with. Know where coming from. By that I mean not so much an American “Oh, it’s coming from 330.” Is that even make sense to you? When you’re changing and having everything else in the cockpit. While I’m flying the wind is coming from my left. You really working on that from that sort of standpoint. So certainly know what you are dealing is on trying to come in with less flaps. I think that would be a huge step for you alone. We’re gonna help you along with your landing dusty conditions. I like to imagine that in the Mexico. You’d probably have a few dusty days to subtle and to deal with. So hopefully those tips help.

Triver just chime in. Triver says awesome to meet you in person. Looking forward to dig in your Pass your Private Pilot Checkride Book and all your book. Just what I am looking for. Triver came by and just purchase the Pass the Private Pilot Checkride Ebook and Audiobook. Triver absolute pleasure to meet you guys. Good luck with your flight training then.

Marvin chime in and says “In regards to Ipads, Is better to hold off on using one when you first start flight training? Might be a distraction for a new pilots.” Marvin, I think your spot on. You know Ipad ground school. Wonderful tool. What’s gonna happen? It’s gonna end up spoiling you. Really early on. You’re gonna learn things by my friend. I really believe that Ipad will spoil you. You know what? What’s gonna happen? Marvin is. You’ll learn everything the old fashion way and you get the Ipad you go “Oh, this is so much easier. This is so much nicer. You know what? I’ve always thought that as my pull back plan that I know not as you think it would be. So Marvin if you have an Ipad that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with playing around aviation apps on it. There’s a lot of great stuff for flight training stuff. Marvin you know you can access the online ground school in the Ipad. All my videos, all the books. I mean everything is so great. You know from that aspect. But I will hold off on jumping on full fly or flyQ for regarding pilots kind of apps. Only because I want you to deal it with old fashion way and not to spoil yourself. That’s the best thing. I’ve shared the story. I shared this in the book Digital Flying. About a student, a friend of mine, really became a student. Lurk all his training in G1000. Great pilot I thought so till he said “Listen Jason I can’t afford rent the airplane anymore. I love to call over and rent your airplane. Your little Cessna 150. Sure man, absolutely. More happy to help you with that.” You have to do a rental check up. The flight with your insurance covers it. There’s no big deal. You are off in the airplane and we sit in there say “Okay, mark the Altimeter setting.” What do you mean Jason? Well, you got to listen and you start the altimeter setting. You are a private pilot you know. I kind of expect you know this sort of stuff. You know. Oh well and the airplane I fly it’s just extend the pressure outside and set the altimeter for you. You don’t have to do that. Oh, Okay. I kind of do, okay?. Let’s heading to the next part which you guys line up. Oh, what do you mean you have to lining it up? It doesn’t just automatically know what heading up to. A couple of those plus you have to line up through your correction. You are heading aviator because it’s base on the back, base on section. Oh well, I had panel that I fly. I feel that for me. You know we have a problem with airplane doing to much for us. When the aircraft fails. You given the all airplane like mine in that case. You don’t know what to do with it. Great stuff don’t spoil yourself to early on. What I’m thinking with that, Marvin.

James chime in by the way. He said they’re available for $50. Oh, good to know. I didn’t know that. The Garmin Pilot app version. That’s kind of nice. Normally $80-$100 apps. That’s certainly something good to watch for with that. You guys can check that out.

For those gentleman I meet today. Non Ipads more on Android kind of guy. Listen there’s nothing wrong with that. And Garment Pilot is one of them. The airshow is starting out here. It’s getting loud outside. So I’ll drop the flag and everything else. Pretty neat in those regards. For those who are not here. I wish you were. We’re having an old good times out here. And Student pilots for helping out. Very thankful for them. Enjoy the rest of your day. Most importantly remember that a good pilot is always learning.

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